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Director of Operations

New vacancy - open to all applications

Overview of role

To provide operational leadership to property team and manage all Company property related work in the region relating to site identification, site acquisition, site permitting, identification and due diligence of mergers and acquisitions, site marketing, and identification of alternative revenue streams.

Job description

Site Acquisition and Permitting:

  • Manage the process of obtaining the leases for identified sites
  • Ensure the quality of leases secured are in line with company requirements
  • Manage the review process of a leases
  • Manage the process of amending or correcting leases rejected by the Company Legal department
  • Manage the process of obtaining the necessary approvals and permits to build a telecommunication base station
  • Ensure the Company receives accurate permits and approvals to build a site at a desired location
  • Manage activities of employees, consultants and contractors performing telecommunication base station site acquisition and permitting
  • Track regional targets and perform corrective actions to ensure targets are met
  • Identify areas of weakness and close the gap by ensuring site acquisition and permitting consultants are kept under pressure and provide accurate information
  • Identify areas to improve lead times where the property team is responsible and adjust accordingly.
  • Provide weekly management report to the reporting manager
  • Manage the appointment of land surveyors
  • Ensure that all sites planned for construction are pegged and formally set out by the appointed land surveyors

Communication and Coordination:

  • Address key complaints in the region from all sectors (landlords, local authority, objectors, internal departments and other interested and affected parties)
  • Build and maintain relationships with local and provincial government authorities
  • Manage interface with other Company departments (Construction, Operations, Legal and Finance)
  • Liaise frequently with the Company’s appointed site acquisition and permitting consultants and land surveyors to ensure all permits and diagrams are received timeously
  • Manage the build target in line with the general trends identified in the region and understand the timelines and the impact of delayed timelines
  • Keep abreast with National, Provincial and Local legislation and influence new legislation, policies and procedures in the best interest of the Company

Financial Management:

  • Manage the rental cost of sites leased and ensure that the rentals agreed are as per head office recommendation
  • Manage and process all invoices submitted by site acquisition and permitting consultants and land surveyors
  • Ensure all invoices are submitted to finance in time for monthly processing
  • Ensure all invoices are in line with quotes, PO’s and contractors agreed rates

Managerial Tasks:

Management of site acquisition and permitting consultants:

  • Arrange regular coordination meetings to track site progress
  • Manage poor performance of consultants and ensure effectively processing of permits to reduce project time frames
  • Allocate work to consultants and contractors based on performance and workload.
  • Manage the performance of consultants and contractors to ensure the timely compilation and submission of applications
  • Ensure work completed by consultants and contractors are done professionally and is in accordance with required specifications
  • Ensure that the consultants and contractors are monitoring the project progress and are responding quickly to complaints or queries pertaining to the submissions, to obtain receipt of the approvals within the required time frames
  • Manage and delegate public meetings with residents and communities and ensure objections are effectively dealt with in a professional manner

Management of property team:

  • Provide targets to all staff reporting to the site acquisition manager to ensure effective management of the team
  • Maintain a sound working relationship between all the regional departments, landlords, government authorities and any interested and affected parties
  • Measure the performance of the property team against the regional and national objectives
  • Perform an annual assessment of each team member as per the company policy, using the regional and national objectives and individual performance
  • Submit reports to management as required
  • Hold regular meetings with the property team to manage the team’s performance, special projects, and communicate any issues from property team to management or vice versa
  • Report weekly on targets relating to property status

Requirements, Education and Experience

Bachelor's degree in either Property Managment, Town Planning, Real Estate Management or related field.

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Plot 111
Ground Floor-North Wing
Millenium Office Park
Gaborone International Finance Park

Postal address:
Private Bag BR 198

Contact information

Tel: +267 391 3996
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